Association History :

In 1999, Frederico Herminio, singer and songwriter, decided to create the association "A com Art" (Aid to the COMmunication of ARTists) which has as its object the communication of artists and associations working in the field of the fight against cancer, donation of blood, organ donation, personal care and services,...

In 2002, the association "A com Art" became the association Le Café des Artistes - Paris integrating in its activity the creation of a high-end coffee destined for the distribution networks of "Fine Gourmet" products among which the Galleries Lafayette.

The world of coffee being a world that Frederico Herminio knows well, he was technical manager of a roasting factory "Les Cafés Saint Louis" for several years, it is quite natural that the creation of the brand © Le Café des Artistes - Paris has established itself as a means of financing the association without resorting to subsidies within a concept of true popular sponsorship.

The Le Café des Artistes - Paris has a multimedia structure. Its main activity is the creation of websites, interactive kiosks, touch windows, communicating clothing, for artists and associations.

The Le Café des Artistes - Paris is a different means of communication. Since its inception in 1999, the association has campaigned for a solidarity trade considered a "Popular Patronage."
Thanks to the sale of Le Café des Artistes - Paris in "Fine Gourmet" stores, the association manages its communication projects, without subsidies, with total freedom of action.


The Monnaie de Paris is the national monetary institution of France.

Founded in 864, Monnaie de Paris is France's longest standing institution and the oldest enterprise in the world. It fulfils the public service mission of striking the Euro coins in circulation for France, as well as coins for other foreign currencies. For twelve centuries, it has cultivated a venerable tradition of metalworking arts and crafts.
Artistic pieces are still produced at its historic Quai de Conti Paris manufacture.
In order to support the action carried out by the association Le Café des Artistes-Paris created by Frederico Herminio the Monnaie de Paris created a medal on this occasion.

Frederico Herminio 

The coffee 


© created by Frederico Herminio Head Management Development of the Café des Artistes - Paris :